What is the Registrar? What Does It Do? How much is his salary?


What is the Registrar? What Does It Do? How much is his salary? 2020 With the announcement of the recruitment of the minutes clerk, it has become the most curious subject.

2020 With the purchase of the minutes clerk to be held in 2012, many people What is the Registrar? What Does It Do? How much is his salary? has begun to look for answers to many questions such as. Many people who want to start their civil service life and work within the Ministry of Justice are directed to the purchases to be made and do research on professions. With your reading this article All the details of the Registrar's Office and we know that you are curious about the interview stages. We think that you should have information about your preferred profession before proceeding to the interview stages. We recommend that you leave aside the information you have obtained from outside about the minutes clerk and focus on the information we will give you and leave your negative thoughts about this profession. I hope that you will be entitled to serve our state in a pleasant and happy way with the profession of the clerk of the Police.

What is the Registrar?

What is the Registrar? When you ask people the answer to this question, is the answer you usually get from the person called my summer girl in the movies? will be. This is a huge mistake known and introduced to us by the media. Minutes clerks are one of the rare professions that have carried out the work and document flow with certain qualifications among state institutions completely in accordance with the laws and regulations. The duty of the minutes clerks does not end with writing. At the same time, he carries out many works and transactions as a knowledgeable and judge of the law.

What is the Registrar? What Does It Do? How much is his salary?
What is the Registrar? What Does It Do? How much is his salary?

What is the Registrar's Office?

Minutes Clerk Although there are many definitions about it, let's share with you the most basic and correct definition. The Ministerial Clerk is the auxiliary judicial staff employed in provincial and central organizations, especially in courthouses, election boards and executive offices, working under the Ministry of Justice. One of the things that should not be forgotten is that the profession of clerk is one of the rare professions that have survived for centuries and will continue in the future.

What Does a Clerk Do?

What Do Minutes Clerks Do? You must first answer this question before you set your heart on this profession. Minutes clerks Although the job description is given by the regulation in the most accurate way, let's explain it to you in a general and catchy way. The minutes clerk is a profession responsible for the full transfer of verbal expressions to the written environment, as well as the fulfillment of inter-institutional correspondence, filing, hearing minutes and other editorial work. Minutes clerk job is generally a routine and intensive job. It is necessary to be careful and attentive in the work and transactions. In addition, all job descriptions regarding the profession of minutes clerk are given by the Ministry of Justice. You can find the bylaws and regulations on pen services.

2020 How Much is the Registrar's Salary?

2020 Clerk salaries It is one of the occupational groups that are on the agenda every year and are in demand for raise. It is predicted that the salary is insufficient in terms of the work and overtime work and it is requested to improve both in terms of salary and personal information. 2020 Together with the collective agreement hike and inflation rates, the minimum salary of the clerk is expected to be 3,500 TL. Unfortunately, we cannot give you the exact figure of this salary. The reason for this is that there are deductions and additions in the specified amounts. At the same time, there is a change in salaries according to seniority and degree.

How To Become A Clerk?

How To Become A Clerk? The question has become a very popular topic with the recent purchases. 2020 The exam, which has become a highly researched and curious subject with the announcement of the purchases of the Registrar's Office, consists of two stages. But remember that first of all, you must enter the quota determined in the KPSS score ranking. After the quotas announced, the keyboard exam, which is the first stage, and the oral interview, which is the next stage, await you. If you are successful in these interviews and with the last security investigation, you will have stepped into the profession of minutes clerk. You can go into all the details about both interviews. https://www.aylakbilgin.com/zabit-katipligi-klavye-sinavi-ve-mulakat-191/ You can reach from our article.
Minutes Clerk Keyboard Exam and Interview

Application Requirements for the Registrar

Application Requirements for the Registrar It is usually created by the General Directorate of Personnel and published on the official website of the Ministry of Justice. You can access this complete and detailed information on the official website address, and the application conditions written in Articles 5 and 6 of the Ministry of Justice Regulation for Officer Examination, Assignment and Transfer. In general, we will list the necessary conditions for application to you.

Request General Conditions of Application for the Registrar's Office;

  • To be a Turkish citizen
  • To get a score of 70 or more from the KPSS score type
  • Being under the age of 35 as of the first day of January of the exam year
  • Not having any interest in military service or not having reached the age of military service
  • Not to be convicted of the crimes listed in the 48/1-A / 5 clause of the Law No. 657
  • Not having any mental illness that might hinder the civil service
  • Not being deprived of public rights
  • Being positive as a result of archive research
  • To be at least a high school or equivalent school graduate
  • Proof of successful completion of a typewriter or computer course

Documents Required for the Registrar's Office

Documents required for the minutes clerk As in every profession, he is also involved in this profession. There are some information and documents requested from you and published on the official website of the Ministry of Justice. There may be changes in the information and documents requested by the commissions. We will list some documents that you should have with you and that will be of your benefit.

Request Documents Required for the Registrar's Office; 

  • Application form (to be obtained from Justice commissions and the website of the Ministry (ANNEX-2))
  • Original or a copy of the education certificate approved by the chairmanship of the commission or the relevant educational institution.
  • Computer printout of KPSS-2018 exam result document
  • Computer Certificate
  • Copy of identity card
  • 2 Photographs

A typewriter or computer certificate is not required from graduates of the computer departments of faculties or colleges, justice vocational schools, justice department of vocational schools, justice associate degree program, justice vocational high school or other high school or equivalent schools.

Minutes Clerk Keyboard Exam and Interview

Minutes Clerk Keyboard Exam and Interview It is the practice exam that candidates are eagerly awaiting right after the applications. At the keyboard exam, at least ninety words must be written within three minutes from the texts to be determined as a result of the Lot, without any mistakes and strokes. Candidates who write 90 words and above completely and correctly will be eligible for an oral interview if they are listed. In the oral interview, the candidates' ability to express themselves and their knowledge are tested. We will give you a detailed article about the keyboard exam or oral interview.



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